Here at the DFW Metroplex Traffic Net our goal is to move traffic (in this case messages) into and out of the DFW area. We do this using amateur radio. Amateur radio operators are hobbyists interested in communicating using radios operating over various frequencies and using various methods.

Messages can come in from around the world using digital methods that take place over the air (as opposed to over the internet, for example). They are then moved along (relayed) locally through our nets. Radio operators moving the message along locally often make final delivery through a telephone call.

Conversely, when someone would like to send a message from the DFW area, that message is brought to the traffic net and, depending on availability, may be relayed using a digital method, by voice (which is how our traffic nets are conducted), or even by morse code (often referred to as CW).

The DFW Metroplex Traffic Net is an affiliate of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) National Traffic System (NTS). The NTS consists of amateur radio networks (nets) which move non-commercial messages as a public service. During disasters or other emergencies, these messages are used to communicate critical information, and in other times used to send well-wishes and other messages as a way of maintaining skills.

More information about the NTS is available at the ARRL’s website.


Can we help answer any questions?

Please feel free to ask during or shortly after one of our traffic nets concludes, or you can reach out to the net manager and assistant net manager using our contact us page.


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